The Knight in Panther’s Skin Predicts future



Do you remember taking a random book from the shelf, thinking of the most tantalizing question and then opening a book on a random page and reading the very first line, that could shed some light on the outcome of the problems bothering you? So, here is a digital version of this fortune telling experience we all did when we were kids (well, let’s be honest, some members of the IERI team still do).  

Instead of a crystal ball or other bearer of the knowledge we have chosen the most mystical and famous Georgian piece — “The Knight in the Panther’s skin”, a medieval epic poem by Shota Rustaveli. Now, since our main motto is “Contemporary Heritage” we have used the re-issued comic book based on the poem and presented by Sulakauri Publishing with the drawings made by Davit Machavariani, contemporary Georgian artist. 

So, how does it actually work? Two simple steps. 

( 1 ) Close your eyes and think of your most passionate desire and then ask a question, that bothers you.
( 2 ) Open your eyes and press the “Tell Fortune” button below. The answer pops up automatically. Enjoy beautiful predictions. The amount of tries is endless. 

როგორ მუშაობს ეს ყველაფერი? ორი მარტივი ნაბიჯით.  

( 1 ) დახუჭე თვალები და დაფიქრდი შენს ყველაზე სანუკვარ სურვილზე და შემდეგ დასვი კითხვა, რომელიც გაწუხებს.
( 2 ) გაახილეთ თვალები და დააჭირეთ ღილაკს “Tell Fortune”. პასუხი კი ავტომატურად გამოჩნდება. ისიამოვნეთ ლამაზი პროგნოზებით. ცდების რაოდენობა უსასრულოა.

However, if you don’t really believe in astrology or symbolism, take this fortune telling experience as a possibility to have some good laugh or just look through amazing paintings created by Davit Machavariani. The comic book is available at