Tata Naka

London based brand created by twin sisters Tamara and Natasha Surguladze. Vintage inspired silhouettes are made out of innovative prints and tailoring. The brand consists of two lines : Tata Naka which concentrates on innovative shapes and modern, clean lines and Stolen Memories which celebrates the quirky and fun aspects of design and specialises in beautiful digital prints which are all produced from original artwork created by the girls themselves.

Tata Naka Pleated Dress

3,385  2,708 

Tata Naka Skirt

2,515  2,012 

Tata Naka Black Dress

2,565  2,052 

Tata Naka White Blouse

2,205  1,764 

Tata Naka Long Sleeve Hawaian Shirt

1,645  987 

Tata Naka Fitted Shirt With Pin Tucks

1,490  894 

Tata Naka Jigsaw Puzzle


Tata Naka Quilted Coat

3,745  2,247 

Tata Naka Mint Dress

2,720  2,176 

Tata Naka Stripe Shirt Dress

3,080  1,848 

Tata Naka Dress

2,260  1,808 

Tata Naka Loose Shirt With Pin Tucks

1,540  924 

Tata Naka Jigsaw Puzzle


Tata Naka Plate


Tata Naka Plate


Tata Naka Plate