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Eter Chkadua

The Beautiful paintings of one of the most talented Georgian painters – Eter Chkadua


Tbilisi is a book full of the city's old, beautiful scenery. In this edition you can see how the geographical and historical facts have influenced and changed the city. The book is full of fascinating building's, stunning garden's, historical wooden balcony's, narrow street's pictures.

The Knight in the Panther’s Skin

The Knight in the Panther's Skin is a  romance which counts more than 800 years, publishing house Sulakauri - 20 years, but both of them are traditions. First one is tradition of Georgia, the second one is the tradition of the whole publishing space. This is a unique edition with the illustrations of Georgian painter - Davit Machavariani

Davit Kakabadze

The Beautiful paintings of one of the most talented Georgian painters – David Kakabadze.


Whenever a vine grows, its fronds intertwine with countless human stories. Man’s labour brings forth drink from the vine and poets sing its praises. Kings and fools together marvel at the wisdom it bestows. Untamed is an invitation to understand this unique relationship between Georgians and their wine; to explore different grapes and terroirs, and to discover the joy-filled philosophy of a small nation that has so much to offer the world.

Be My Guest

Be My Guest is a book of remarkable stories and delicious recipes created by Georgians living abroad, who achieved fame and success in their other careers. It reveals how genuine imaginative talent finds expression in all levels of life – and for Georgians, at the table in particular. Whether a hero of the Napoleonic wars; the founder of the New York City Ballet; a Hollywood muse or New York night-club owner; this book unveils the inner workings of Georgia’s mastery of hospitality – from the richness of the food’s natural ingredients, to their carefully selected dishes, thence the accompanying art of toast-making. “If one tried to describe Georgia using one single word, the right word would definitely be ‘hospitality’.” – John Steinbeck