David Koma answering your questions



by our beloved readers & clients

We love making personal and touching content and asked David Komakhidze, creative mind behind David Koma, to answer the questions from IERI’s readers and clients. The readers turned out to be no less creative than David himself, and sent their questions in the most unusual way. David accepted the challenge! And here is the final result!

The article below is way too creative, so it might take time to load all the pictures. Watch this video of David and give this page one extra minute to fully load.


Are you doing what you truly want to do?



David, what is your favorite cuisine — Indian, or Panasian one?



What was the best experience last time you visited Tbilisi?



What part of your life does the fashion industry occupy?


If you were a colour, which one would you be? 



Hello! Do you believe that trends like sustainability and transparency in the fashion industry will win over capitalistic values of humanity?



Tell us about summer collection 2020 inspiration. 



Is it possible to get the attention of David Koma for a start-up designer? If yes, how? And perhaps I can get advice about my ideas.  



What advice would you give to beginners who are intrested in fashion?


How should they develop themselves in this competitive industry?



What makes you happy?



How do you relax your mind?